Ants Have Sex In Your Beer And Other Joyful Thoughts

ants have sex in your beer david shrigley

Earlier this week I was lunching in a favorite tea cafe in Edinburgh. Browsing through the local Scotsman, I found an interview with David Shrigley. Though I didn’t previously know his  name, I recognized his work instantly. I’d bought his book, Joy, a couple of years ago. One of my favorite pages had to do with the “miracle of birth” (if you can’t make out the words below, it says “when we are having sex we do not tend to think of this miracle”). Anyway, if you enjoy his work as I do – some of which has to do with sex, though  most of it does not – you  may find the interview of interest. His site features a far fuller range of his work to peruse.

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[Scotsman interview; David Shrigley's site]

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