Genitals in the Wild: Anthropologie Octopussy Dress

Earlier this year, Anthropologie tried to sell us a vulvakini (at a time when dresses were popping up on Modcloth and etsy that were similarly vulva-like). Then, mid-summer, they came out with what I like to call the Octopussy Dress (and more recently, the Anna Sui reproductive parts diagram dress). As much as I loved the style of the dress, and as much as I adore all things vulva, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be the girl walking around with an octopus between her legs. You know what I’m saying? Recently in DC I stopped by Anthro and the dress was on sale. I tried it on (see photo) and, cute as it is, decided it wasn’t for me (in the end, because I was worried it would get dirty too easily, but the octopussy gave me slight pause as well).

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