Genitals in the Wild: Anna Sui Fashions Vaginas, Ovaries and Breasts

When I first saw this Anna Sui for Anthropologie dress (called the Paisley Pixie Dress) appear online, I thought I saw a face in it. Then I thought to myself,  those aren’t eyes, they’re breasts!

And then I looked closer.

My eyes dropped to the navel-ish area and then below. Everywhere on the dress that one would expect to find female parts, there they were: breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes, a uterus, a triangular mons and, inside of it, the vagina. The uterus is even shaded, suggesting the lining of the uterus (the endometrium).

It’s like Annu Sui created one big wearable diagram of the human female body. Is it a perfect rendition? No, it’s just abstract enough for some people to say “oh, you’re just imagining things” when you tell them you see fallopian tubes and a vagina.

I’ve gone and labeled her female parts diagram dress because I’m service-y like that. Wear and enjoy educating the masses. Or just pass along to your favorite health educator, sex educator or vagina-friendly friends. With this dress coming just a few short months after their vulva bikini, I think they’re on a roll.

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