Genitals in the Wild: A Giant Vulva Dress! (Large Labia Minora Included.)

ModCloth is featuring a giant vulva dress on their “Be the Buyer” page, where regular people like me and you get to vote as to which dresses should get made. I know readers were mixed as to whether that Anthropologie bikini truly looked like a vulv-kini or not, but certainly some readers on Jezebel sided with me on it, when Dodai raised the issue there.

However, this vulva dress is much clearer, is it not? Or am I seeing vulvas – and vulvas with large and unusually symmetrical labia, in this case –  everywhere? And not just because my colleague and I are writing a vulva/vagina book at the moment.

Vulvas: we see them in our sleep and apparently on dresses and bikinis everywhere.

Do you think this dress looks like it’s sporting a vulva? And if you do, would you wear it out, aside from to the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD) meeting in Paris 2011 (which I’m planning to attend, as usual)?


It’s definitely NOT just me. ModCloth shoppers are reacting to the vulva-ness of this dress, too, by describing the skirt as a little “Georgia O’Keefe” or looking like a vagina. Not negative comments really, just kind of noting that there’s a giant vulva on the skirt. (See their comments here.)

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