A Genital-Themed Musical: Me and My Dick

A friend directed me to this hilarious musical the other day called Me and My Dick, so I thought I’d share it with the sex-positive folks on MSP.  I’m proud to say that it was directed and produced right here at the University of Michigan, by the same folks who did A Very Potter Musical.

I love the idea that our genitals are sentient beings who have conversations with us and others.  Actually, in some ways, that’s not too far off!

Although not musical-related, if you’d like to read more about men’s relationship to their penis over time and in different historical and cultural contexts, you might enjoy the cleverly written A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis, which is one of Debby‘s favorite genital-themed books.

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Image via Starkid Productions.

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Craig VanKempen

Craig VanKempen, LLMSW/MPH, is a sex educator and therapist practicing in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. His professional interests include HIV, polyamory, compulsive sexual behavior, religion and sexuality, and GLBT issues.

  • TheSpecialLadyFriend

    Warning: The songs in that musical are damned catchy.